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Saint Andrew's Cross

Item #: 980-1010X
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Quick Overview

This aluminum Saint Andrew's Cross is great for pro Dommes, bondage clubs, and those looking for an extremely beautiful, strong, and functional St. Andrew's Cross to add to their collection of bondage and dungeon furniture.  

This super strong and beautiful Saint Andrew's Cross has been made for those that appreciate and expect the best in every aspect of their lives; including their bondage and dungeon furniture.


Impressive in every way, this St. Andrew's Cross measures 7 feet tall and 3 feet wide. One of the supurb features of this piece is its gorgeous brushed aluminum tube construction which makes the cross incredibly strong and lightweight. A powder coated color strip accents the cross in the color of your choice. Submissives will be held securely captive with the help of the  22 restraint attachment points. Additionally, the cross features unique 12-inch foot pads with resessed toe holes which makes standing on the cross more comfortable than any other design we have seen.


The rigidity of the cross is amazing, thanks to its welded single-piece construction. The cross is designed to spread the load of the cross, and the weight of the person attached to it by dividing these forces by a factor of ten. It accomplishes this by utilizing 10 bolt mounting points, which allows the cross to spread very low per bolt weight ratio across your wall. This means that for a 200 pound person on the cross, no more 20 pounds of weight is subjected to any mounting point or bolt. The result is an extremely strong restraint and bondage system made far beyond any forces that are humanly possible to exceed.


Note:  The Saint Andrew's Cross is an oversized item. After choosing and placing order in the cart, a follow up email to confirm the additional shipping fees (ships within 48 contiguous states, only) will be sent from  

Saint Andrew's Cross Specs:

  • Height: 7 feet
  • Width: 3 feet
  • Foot pads: 12 inches
  • Restraint attachement points:  22
  • Attachement points to your wall: 10 bolts
  • Construction material: aluminum

Saint Andrew's Crosses come in many different styles, and are usually made from either wood or steel. Our St. Andrew's Cross differs from most in many important ways, all of which are a function of our desire to provide you with the strongest, most beautiful, and most versatile dungeon equipment possible.


Wooden Saint Andrew's Crosses and be weak, creaky, and when light weight hardware is used, they can even come apart during use. If the wood has not been properly finished they may also shed painful splinters which can bring a scene to an unexpected halt. Steel Saint Andrew's Crosses tend to be strong, but they are also extremely heavy, and hard to handle.


Our aluminum Saint Andrew's Cross provides the strength of the steel crosses, but without the difficulty or liability of the weight. The engineering, form, fit, and finish of these crosses is unparalleled. They will serve you beyond your expectations, and will be a source of great pride for the rest of your bondage play life.

Simply clean the surfaces of your Saint Andrew's Cross with an antibacterial wipe or clean with a Windex type product.

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