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Electro-Flex E-Stim Anal Plug

Item #: 200-3010X
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Quick Overview

The Electro-Flex Double Contact Butt Plug is our top selling anal e-stim toy. It is a two-contact electro stimulation toy which means it can be used as a stand alone electro stim toy. This anal toy delivers massive amounts of anal stimulation and comes with our absolute highest recommendation.     

The Electro-Flex Double Contact Butt Plug is our best selling anal e-stim toy.

This electro anal plug is quite simply awesome, and is stimulating even before you turn on the juice. The plug is 4 inches in length and 1 inch in diameter; the size is comfortable but provides a very stimulating full sensation, and both men and women will love it!


Turn on your Power Box and the Electro-Flex Anal Plug starts both stimulating and causing a physical pumping of the rectal muscles creating and extremely rewarding experience.

Get both the plug and the PES Power Box in a value kit and save $20.00.


Features at a Glance

  • Our most popular anal electro stimulation device
  • Easy to use double-contact e-stim plug
  • Great butt plug design
  • Use with the PES Power Box
  • Extremely stimulating for both men and women

Electro Flex E-stim Anal Plug Specs:

  • Composed of an exclusive electro-flex conductive material.
  • 4 inches internal length, 4 3/4 inches total length, and 1 inch in diameter.
  • Features a conductive memory rod that allows the plug to be bent to the optimum angle for each individual to achieve the maximum stimulation from the plug.
  • Has 2 contacts which means that no additional attachments or toys are required to use the Electro-Flex Anal Plug with your PES Power Box.

Well folks, we honestly can not recommend the Electro-Flex Double Contact Anal Plug more highly. It is our best selling anal e-stim device, and we love it!

Unlike the Anal Tubular and Rectal Pacifiers, this is a double-contact toy which means that you do not need to use it with another attachment.

It is made of a seductively soft silicone Electro-Flex material, so it is not hard and cold like acrylic and metal plugs.

This plug is a comfortable shape and is extremely stimulating; even without the juice turned on.

It is a stand alone stimulation device so you can simply hook it up to your PES Power Box, lube it, insert it, turn on your power box, and away you go on a wonderful e-stim ride.

The Electro-Flex Anal Butt Plug features a unique memory rod that allows this toy to be bent to the optimum angle for each individual to achieve the maximum stimulation from the plug.

For men, adding a slight angle will help them create a slight pressure on the prostate which will enhance their experience and provide even more electro stimulation across the prostate.

Both men and women will love it!

This Electro-Flex Butt Plug design has stood up to years of heavy use from our staff and customers alike, and our fondness of it shows. This is a real winner!!!

Wipe down your Electro-Flex E-Stim Anal Plug with warm water and a small amount antibacterial soap and rinse; do not soak. Allow to air dry.

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