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Large Electro-Flex E-Stim Anal Plug

Item #: 200-3012X
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Quick Overview

The Large Electro-Flex Double Contact Anal Plug is an e-stim toy for more advanced anal players. It delivers an amazing amount of anal stimulation because of its sheer size and the fact that it is a two-contact electro stimulation toy.     

The Large Electro-Flex Double Contact Butt Plug is an e-stim toy for advanced anal toy users.

It is large; and quite simply awesome. Both men and women will love it! This butt plug is 6 inches in length and 1 1/2 inches in diameter which will make it a healthy challenge for most. It's sheer size and shape provide a very stimulating, very full and filled sensation making this electro anal plug quite stimulating even before you even turn on the juice.

Turn on your PES Power Box and the Electro-Flex Anal Plug starts both stimulating and causing a physical pumping of the rectal muscles creating an extremely rewarding experience.

Get both the Large Electro-Flex Anal Plug and a PES Power Box in a value kit and save $25.00.


Features at a Glance

  • Very challenging and rewarding for advanced anal players
  • Double-contact e-stim plug
  • Great butt plug design and size enhance prostate stimulation
  • Use with the PES Power Box
  • Extremely stimulating for both men and women

Large Electro Flex E-Stim Anal Plug Specs:

  • Composed of an exclusive electro-flex conductive material
  • 6 inches in internal length, 6 3/4 inches total length
  • 1 1/2 inches in diameter
  • Anal plug features a conductive memory rod that allows the plug to be bent to the optimum angle for each individual to achieve the maximum stimulation from the plug
  • Two-contact electrode which means that no additional attachments or toys are required to use the Electro-Flex Anal Plug with your PES Power Box

The Large Double Contact Anal Plug is one of our largest anal e-stim toys; not to mention one of our favorites. It has all of the same great features that have made its smaller brother the Double Contact Anal Plug our best selling anal e-stim device. The difference is it's massive size.

With a penetration depth of six inches, it's penetration is a full two inches deeper than our regular Double Contact Butt Plug. This depth will challenge most, and is intended for advanced anal players. Additionally, the large version has a 1 1/2 inch diameter which is a 1/2 inch larger than its smaller brother. This increased diameter is amplified by the penetration depth of this monster.

Here are some of its other great features...

It is made of a seductively soft silicone electro-flex material, so it is not hard and cold like acrylic and metal plugs.

It's comfortable butt plug shape is extremely stimulating; even without the juice turned on.

It is a stand alone stimulation device that you can simply hook it up to your PES Power Box, lube it, insert it, turn on your PES Power Box and away you go on a wonderful electro stim ride.

The Electro-Flex Anal/Butt Plug features a unique memory rod that allows the butt plug to be bent to the optimum angle for each individual to achieve the maximum stimulation from the plug.

For men, adding a slight angle will help them create a slight pressure on the prostate which will enhance their experience and provide even more electro stimulation across the prostate.

Both men and women who are used to playing with larger anal toys will love it!

The Large Electro-Flex Butt Plug design has stood up to years of heavy use from those of our staff and customers that are advanced enough to handle it. So, if you are playing with large anal toys, we highly recommend the Large Double Contact Butt/Anal Plug.

It will consistently perform, and bring you endless hours of massive anal stimulation.

Wipe your Large Electro-Flex Double Contact Butt Plug down with warm water with a small amount anti-bacterial soap and rinse; do not soak. Allow to air dry.

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