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Big Boy Sparkler Penis E-stim Electrode

Item #: 200-5026X
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Quick Overview

The Big Boy Sparkler is the larger version of the Sparkler, and we consider it to be one of the most the versatile penile e-stim electrode on the market. We especially recommend it as a penis base ring electrode.  

The Big Boy Sparkler and its smaller brother the Sparkler are without out a doubt the most versatile penile electrodes on the market today. The Big Boy has a 1/4" diameter, where as the Sparkler's diameter is 1/8". This larger size allows the Big Boy to provide more contact area when used externally, and a larger diameter for those planning on inserting the electrode in their urethra.

Thanks to its innovative design, it can be placed at any point on a penis as a penile ring, plus it can be used length wise running down the outside the penis shaft, and it can even be used inside the urethra as an internal electro stimulation electrode.

The Big Boy Sparkler is a single-contact electrode that is conductive down its entire length; use it in pairs or in conjunction with other single- or double-contact PES electro stimulation electrodes.


Features at a Glance

  • The most versatile e-stim electrode available.
  • Use as a penile ring or insert for urethral stimulation.
  • Conductive its entire length.
  • A single-contact electro stimulation electrode (requires a second PES electrode).

The Big Boy Sparkler E-Stim Electrode Specs:

  • The Big Boy Sparkler is a single-contact electro stimulation electrode
  • Made from a conductive silicone elastomer
  • 1/4" diameter electrode
  • Electrode length of 6 1/2" and a total length of 7 1/2"
  • Base dimensions are 2" x 1"
  • Single-contact electrode which requires a second one or two contact electrode for use. See expert advice for suggestions or purchase the 2-pack option for a 5% savings (Part #200-9007).

The Big Boy Sparkler and it is smaller brother the Sparkler are the most versatile e-stim electrodes on the market.

Versatile being the operative word. Its innovative design allows it to be placed at any point on a penis as a penile ring, and it can also be used length-wise running down the outside the penis shaft.  Even further, it can be used inside the urethra as an internal electro stimulation electrode.

Lets talk about each of these uses:

As a penile ring, you can choose to place this electrode at any point along the penis shaft from just behind the head all the way down to the base. Unlike penile electrodes, the Sparklers are a not a fixed diameter. Thanks to the innovative design of the Big Boy's base, the electrode's shaft can double back through the base and be adjusted with its captive O-ring. This allows for infinite adjustment of the Big Boy from 0 to 2" in diameter. When using the Big Boy Sparkler as a penile ring, you complete the two electrode circuit with either a second Big Boy Sparkler as a second penile electrode at a different point on the shaft, or use it in conjunction with a different PES electrode attachment. Some recommended attachments to consider using with the Sparkler are the Prostate Stimulator, Testicular Tubular, Corona (Penis Head) Stimulator, and the Rectal Pacifier.

We have two recommendations for using a Big Boy down the outside of the penis shaft. For the first, cut the tip off of a condom. Then take two Big Boy Sparklers and a place them 180 degrees opposite of each other (i.e., one on the right side and one on the left side) running length-wise down the shaft of the penis. Then roll the condom down over your penis and the two Sparklers. This should hold them in place while allowing their bases to protrude through the tip of the condom. Hook them up to the same channel of a PES Power Box and begin your electrical play session.

The second method we recommend will require a little more preparation, but is well worth it. You will need to clean one of two Big Boy Sparklers throughly with antibacterial soap and water, then rinse it and allow it to air dry. Just before your e-stim session, you will wipe this Sparkler down with rubbing alcohol and allow to dry. With very clean hands (or glove-covered hands) you will lube the Sparkler up with Surgi-Lube or Spectra Gel, followed by placing a bead of the lube on the entrance of the urethra. You will slowly and carefully insert the Big Boy into the urethra. (We suggest that you review Catheter Insertion and Sound Play sections in the Medical Fetish Library before doing so.) Once inserted, cut a small hole in the tip of a condom. Take a second Big Boy Sparkler and place it on the outside running down the length of the shaft of your penis, then role the condom down over the penis, which should securely hold the Sparkler against the penis while allowing the base of both Sparklers to protrude through the condom. Hook the two electrodes up to your PES power box and hold on for the ride of your life.

There is no way around it -- this is an extremely versatile stimulation electrode and comes very highly recommended by both our customers and staff.

Wipe down your Big Boy Sparkler with warm water with a small amount antibacterial soap and rinse; do not soak. Allow to air dry. Before urethral insertion wipe down with an alcohol swab and allow to dry before use.

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