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Anal/Rectal Dilator Set

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Item #: 300-6020
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Quick Overview

This great Anal Dilator Set is used for relaxing the sphincter muscle for anal sex and for using anal toys.

This set of five Anal/Rectal Dilators is designed to help you relax your anal muscles to allow easier anal sex and use of anal toys, enema nozzles, butt plugs, strap-ons & dildos.

The dilators included in this set start at very small 1 inch diameter that is 3 1/4 inches long, and move up in gradual steps to a more advanced 2 inch wide and 5 inch long size.

We highly recommend this set for both beginners and advanced anal players as a means to relax the sphincter and rectal muscles, which will create a more comfortable and pleasurable anal play experience.


Features at a Glance

  • Highly recommended for anal play
  • For beginners and advanced anal penetration
  • Five sizes from 1 inch to 2 inches in diameter
  • 3 1/2 inches long to 5 inches long

Anal and Rectal Dilator Set Specs:

  • Construction: Each rectal dilator is made from a firm rubber composite material.
  • Each dilator plug has a flange to allow easy handling and removal.

Dilator Plug Sizes:

(#1) 1 inch diameter by 3 1/2 inches long

(#2) 1 1/4 inches in diameter by 3 3/4 inches long

(#3) 1 1/2 inches in diameter by 4 1/4 inches long

(#4) 1 3/4 inches in diameter by 4 3/4 inches long

(#5) 2 inches in diameter wide by 5 inches long

These Anal/Rectal Dilators come highly recommended by our staff and customers. Regardless, if you are a beginner or a seasoned anal player, they will increase your comfort and pleasure when engaging in anal play.

By starting with a small dilator and slowly working your way up to larger dilators, you will encourage the sphincter and rectal muscle to relax. Once you have relaxed these muscles to your desired level you will be able to more comfortably accept anal penetration with anal toys, butt plugs, enema nozzles, strap-ons, dildos and for anal sex.

Take your time advancing from one to size to another at a comfortable pace. This pace will vary greatly from individual to individual and will even be dependent on your current state of mind and physical state. Generally, the more you have engaged in anal play and the more relaxed you are, the quicker you will be able to work your way up through the dilators.

Beginner's to anal play can expect to work their way up through the sizes over days or weeks, while those that are more advanced may be able to work their way up to the 2 inch dilator within 20 minutes or less.

Again, go at your own pace and if it is painful, relax with a smaller dilator until you are comfortably ready to advance in size.

These are truly a great product for helping you achieve the most from your anal play whether you are male or female. Using these rectal dilators will make anal toys more comfortable and rewarding.

They will help those of you to work your way up to being able to accept that dildo in your ass.

Finally, these rectal dilators will make anal sex and strap on use not only possible, but more pleasurable.


We recommend using the any of the following sexual lubricant to make insertion of these anal dilators easy and enjoyable:

SurgiLube medical grade water based lubricant.

Wet Original the most popular water based sex lube.

Wet Platinum our slipperiest silicone lubricant. 

Wash in warm water with anti-bacterial soap, rinse and allow to air dry.

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