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Nipple Tweezer Clamps

Item #: 530-3001
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Quick Overview

Nipple Tweezer Clamps highly attractive adjustable nipple clamps. One of our best selling nipple clamps sets the Nipple Tweezer Clamps can be adjusted from mild (for beginners to nipple play) to wild (for advanced nipple clamp players).   

Nipple Tweezer Clamps are another extremely popular option when it comes to nipple clamps. They provide an infinite amount of pressure adjustment thanks to the sliding ring that is used to adjust the pressure of the tweezers. The closer you slide the ring toward the end of the tweezers the more pressure is applied to the nipple.

This means that you can make the pressure very light or very harsh, resulting in a highly versatile nipple clamp for both beginners and advanced players and everyone in between.




  • Sexy look and bright nickel plated chain.
  • Can be adjusted for extremely light to very challenging with a simple moment.
  • One of the most popular nipple clamps we sell.
  • Great for beginners, advanced player and everyone in between.  



Nipple Tweezer Specs:


  • Each Nipple tweezer is 2 3/4 inches long
  • The ends of each tweezer have a 1/2 inch long soft plastic coating
  • There is a 12 inch nickel chain between the clamps
  • They have an infinite adjustment from mild to very advanced
  • Great for both beginners and advanced players.  




The Nipple Tweezer Clamps are another extremely popular nipple clamp, and for good reason. Due to the sliding pressure adjustment ring they have an unlimited range of adjustment from mild to wild.


The ends are curved slightly to improve their ability to grip the nipple. Typically, they have a 1/2 inch soft plastic sheath over this end to protect the nipple from damage. A small ring wraps around the two pieces of metal and is used to adjust the tension. The user places the two sides of the metal head either side of the nipple, then by sliding the ring along the clamp shaft towards the nipple, causes the two halves to close tighter together. Tension can thus be adjusted depending on the location of the ring — the closer the ring is along the shaft toward the nipple, the tighter the clamp.


You just can't go wrong by adding the Nipple Tweezers to your collection of nipple play toys. Get them and enjoy!







Simply wipe down with moist cloth or alcohol. 

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