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Stainless Steel Dribble Tray

Item #: 490-4022
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Quick Overview

Catch the drool of some one you enjoy gagging with one of these stainless steel dribble trays. A great humiliation tool for making one have to helpless drool in to this collection tray for your enjoyment.  

Sometimes the simplest of items can be turned into wicked instruments of torment. This Stainless Steel Dribble Tray is perfect example of an innocent medical tray that can be effectively used to create a humiliating scene where one is gagged with a ball gag or whitehead gag and forced to drool into this tray.


After the drool is collected, a patient can be forced to ingest it after their gag has been removed. This can remarkably humiliating and erotic for both the top and bottom.




  • Real medical/dental stainless steel dribble tray.
  • Great for humiliating forced drool scenes.
  • Eight inches long by four inches wide and an inch an a half deep.
  • A great addition to any medical fetish clinic.  


Stainless Steel Dribble Tray Specs:


  • A real stainless steel medical/dental dribble tray.
  • Also called a kidney tray.
  • Great for collecting drool from gagged patients.
  • Can also be used to hold forceps and other medical instruments.


The uses for this stainless steel dribble tray are endless in ones personal fetish clinic or medical fetish play space. They can be used to catch and collect drool from patients that have gags that can be used to induced overflowing amounts of saliva. We recommend using a 2 inch ball gag or a white gag for this to create these excessive flows of saliva.


Such saliva samples can be force fed back to patients when their gags are removed.


Use your imagination.... we know you can think of more uses for this wonderful little medical tray. They make a great addition to any well equipped fetish clinic.        

You can clean your stainless steel dribble tray in warm water with a small mild amount of anti-bacterial soap, rinse and towel dry. You can also autoclave this dribble tray or place in your dish washer.  

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