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Steel Hand Cuffs

Item #: 600-6001
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Quick Overview

Double Locking Steel Handcuffs by Fury. Handcuffs are at the core of bondage essentials, these are a great pair of handcuffs at a reasonable price.     

Double Locking Handcuffs should be included in your bondage basics collection. Regardless, if you are a novice to restraints or an old timer to the BDSM scene.

These steel Fury handcuffs are 8 1/2 inches long when fully extended in the closed position and feature the safety of a double lock mechanism. This prevents the handcuffs from being accidentally tightened once you have them adjusted them to provide both restraint and proper circulation.


Features at a Glance

  • Handcuffs are a great all purpose restraint
  • Easy to carry for spontaneous bondage
  • Double locking for safety

Double Locking Steel Handcuffs
8 1/2” inches long and 3” high when closed
(2) Keys
Manufactured by Fury

HandCuffs are not only one of the most popular forms of restraint, they are one of the lowest cost restraints one can purchase and easiest to use.

Since they are so inexpensive and a recommended bondage basics item, we highly recommend them, too.

Handcuffs are small, light and portable. Which means they can be carried in a jacket pocket or purse for spontaneous bondage or restraint either in public or private.
Their greatest short coming can also be one of their greatest attributes depending on you or your captives state of mind, as they are far from the most comfortable restraint.

This means that struggling against them can be extremely uncomfortable, and extra care will need to be taken by the “top” to insure that proper circulation is assured. Proper position is essential for safe use of hand cuffs, as no pressure should be applied to the wrist; they should be restrained in a comfortable position.

They are relatively secure and very psychologically intimidating for most, so when trying to instill a submissive state or state of mind they are usually very effective; which is why they are used as they are for law enforcement. Resistance can be both painful and futile.

 Simply wipe down with WD40 or any other oil based house hold lubricant as desired.

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