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This 12 pack of Vet Wrap is great for mummification.

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Black Mummy Vet Wrap 12 Roll Pack

Item #: 620-4020
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Quick Overview

This 12 roll value pack of black Vet Wrap for mummification and bondage play. It is a lightweight porous material that you can breath through. Plus, it won't stick to your skin or hair, and can be used to encase your entire body. 

With this 12 pack of black Vet Wrap (or Vetrap) you will be able to mummify someone from the waist up in most cases. You'll love this stuff for mummifying complete bodies or just heads, hands and/or legs.


The great thing about Vet Wrap is that is constantly applies pressure, which gives is highly stimulating. It sticks to itself, but will not stick to you or your clothes which makes it outfit and skin/hair friendly. The uses for vet wrap are endless... We highly recommend it for head mummifications. It can be used to create a complete sensory deprivation hood, or one can fashion a beanie hood out of it which will allow one to see and breath easily while very much being in head bondage.


The uses for Vet Wrap in bondage and mummification play are endless, and we highly recommend it.



  • You get 12 rolls of black Vet Wrap that are great for mummification and bondage play.
  • This elastic bandage sticks to itself, but not anything else.
  • Great for bondage and mummification.
  • It constantly applies elastic pressure and stimulation.
  • Each roll is 4 inches wide and 15 feet long when fully extended.
  • Save 10% off of the single roll price.


Black Vet Wrap 12 Roll Value Pack


  • Highly recommended for mummification play and scenes.
  • Also great for creating bondage by securing wrists, arms, ankles and knees together.
  • Many choose to make blindfolds and over the mouth gags with Vet Wrap. 
  • Use to attach to furniture or other items without leaving behind any sticky adhesive.
  • You can make sensory deprivation hoods, beanie hoods or encase entire bodies with Vet Wrap.
  • Each roll 4 inches wide and 15 feet long when fully stretched out.
  • Allows breathing through it and is hypoallergenic.      

Vet Wrap is another great option for creating interesting and exciting bdsm scenes. One can choose to use it to do complete mummifications or use it as a bondage tool for restraining hands, wrist, arms, feet, ankles and legs. You can create unique restraint scenarios by using it to attach someone to almost anything, and since it only sticks to itself there is no fear of damage, leaving behind adhesive or damaging a finish.


This 12 pack roll will give you enough vet wrap to do several small wrappings of ones hands, head and legs & feet. It will also be enough to do a complete upper body wrapping on most people.


We recommend having 18 to 24 rolls to do a complete head to toe body mummification.


Use this Vet Wrap for creating unique hoods, too. It makes awesome sensory deprivation hoods, especially when ear plugs and eye patches are used  under it. Or you can fashion beanie hoods that allow sight and easy breathing which are great for long term bondage and restraint scenes. We have been known to take a slave to parties with their heads wrapped and use it for all day/weekend restraint play around the house.


You can't go wrong with Vet Wrap. Buy some play with it, and you too will become a fan of this amazing mummification and bondage tool.     

 Vet Wrap is a single use product, that is just thrown away after use.

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