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Magnet Weight Nipple Clamps

Item #: 530-4005
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Quick Overview

Magnet Weighted Nipple Clamps for total nipple clamp control; weight and pressure control. 

Our Magnet Weighted Nipple Clamps give you total control over both the amount of pressure you apply to the clamp portion of the nipple clamps and the weight that adds increasing torment to the wearer.


This pair of nipple clampsfeatures an adjustable thumbscrew to dialing in the amount of desired clamp pressure. Each clamp has one magnet permanently attached to it, and comes with 5 more 1/2 ounce magnets which can be added for increasing amounts of torment.


Total weight of each set clamps is half a pound and additional weights can be purchased for increasing amounts of nipple torture.




  • Magnet Weighted Nipple Clamps
  • Thumbscrew pressure adjustment
  • 5 magnetic weights included for each of the two nipple clamps allow increasing weight 1/2 ounce at a time.
  • Feature soft rubber coated clamp tips.  
  • Total weight of nipple clamp set 1/2 pound
  • Additional magnetic weights can be purchased separately.    


Magnet Weighted Nipple Clamps Specs:

One pair of Magnet Weighted Nipple Clamps

These nipple clamps feature a thumbscrew for adjusting the clamp pressure force on the nipple.

Feature soft rubber coated clamp tips.

Each clamp has a one permanently attached magnet and five more to increase the weight in 1/2 ounce steps.

The set of nipple clamps weighs in at an impressive 1/2 pound.

Clamps with five magnets attached are 4 inches tall.

Each clamp opens to 1/2 inch maximum

Additional magnetic weights can be purchased to additional additional stimulation.   

If you have ever owned a pair of nipple clamps you probably already know that one pair, set or style of nipple clamps rarely satisfies ones hunger for nipple play. Nipple clamps are inexpensive, and each type of nipple clamps is pleasurable in it's own unique way.


Our Magnet Weighted Nipple Clamps are a great addition to anyones nipple toy collection whether it is your first nipple clamp purchase or just another in your collection.


We like them because the thumbscrew on each clamp allows for precise control over the amount of force you would like the clamp to apply. Plus you can add weight to each clamp 1/2 ounce at a time with successive magnet application.


The set of nipple clamps way in at an impressive 1/2 pound total weight and additional weights can be purchased separately for increasing stimulation even further.


These are a great choice of anyone at any level of nipple play.        

Simply clean rubber tips with an alcohol wipe after and/or before use and allow to air dry. 

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