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Complete Nipple Pumping Kit

Item #: 400-9010X
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Quick Overview

Get large, beautiful, erect nipples with our complete nipple pumping kit. Not only will this kit produce larger more beautifully erect nipples, it will also increase your nipple sensitivity and arousal during nipple play.

Large, protruding, sensitive and beautiful erect nipples can all be yours (or your partner!) with our Complete Nipple Pumping Kit!

This kit provides you with everything you need to increase the size and firmness of your nipples. It includes a pair of our specially designed nipple pumping cylinders, our top-quality, all-metal hand pump, a T-hose, a bottle of lubricant and easy to follow instructions that will guide you on the technique to use to achieve the best results.

Available with 1/2", 5/8", 3/4" and 1 1/4" nipple cylinders depending on the size of your nipples and the desired enlargement area.


Features at a Glance

  • Command attention with sexy erect nipples
  • Attain great sexual arousal from your nipples
  • Designed for a comfortable fit
  • Safe, sexy, fun & effective
  • Easy to follow nipple pumping instructions
  • High quality product
  • Made in USA

Complete Nipple Pumping Kit:

  • Kit Includes (2) Nipple Cylinders, a T-hose, one of our Heavy-Duty Hand Vacuum Pumps, a bottle of Wet Original lubricant and easy to follow instructions.
  • Available in the follow cylinder sizes: 1/2", 5/8", 3/4"and 1 1/4"
  • Cylinders are hand crafted in the USA
  • Kit includes a Heavy-Duty all metal hand vacuum pump
  • All connectors and acrylic tubing

Nipples are very receptive to enlargement through vacuum pumping, and noticeable results from can be seen very quickly in most people.

If you are pumping alone you may want to use one cylinder at a time.

If you have a partner with you or you want to use in a BDSM scene, we recommend using the included T-hose for double-nipple simultaneous pumping!

When pumping use small amounts of vacuum pressure; if the amount of pressure you feel is uncomfortable simply release some of the pressure and use a lower pressure. Less pressure used over greater periods of time will produce better results than greater pressures that are uncomfortable and can not be held for as long.

How Nipple Pumping Works

Nipple pumping and enhancement works essentially the same way for both men and women. Suction is applied to the nipple(s) and, if desired, the areola (the dark area immediately surrounding the nipple) using a vacuum cylinder (or cylinders) and a vacuum hand pump. The vacuum causes the affected area to engorge with blood and lymph fluid, which results in swelling of the tissue and a temporary increase in the size of the nipple.

Temporary Gains
Temporary nipple enhancement through vacuum pumping is a great way to add spice to a sexual encounter, sensitize your nipples, or command attention during an evening on the town with enlarged, hardened nipples that show through your clothing.

Permanent Gains
Permanent enhancement is possible with a regular pumping program, much like a workout routine. Regular, repeated application of vacuum pressure encourages lasting growth by stretching the tissues of the nipple.

Nipple Cylinder Sizing Guidance

Our nipple cylinders come in four sizes: 1/2 inch, 5/8 inch, 3/4 inch, and 1-1/4 inches. To determine which nipple vacuum cylinder size is appropriate for you, you need to determine your nipple size and the size of the area you would like to enhance and enlarge.

For Women
Our 1/2 inch cylinder will enhance an area somewhat smaller than a U.S. dime. This size is appropriate for women with very small nipples.
Our 5/8 inch cylinder is our most popular size, and will enhance an area approximately equal to the size of a U.S. dime. This size is the best choice for most women.

Our 3/4 inch cylinder is suitable for those with large nipples, and for those who want to enhance the areola (the dark around around the nipple). This cylinder will enhance an area approximately equal in size to a U.S. quarter.

For dramatic enhancement of your areola and beautiful, projecting nipples, the 1-1/4 inch cylinders are your best choice. A U.S. half-dollar accurately represents the extent of the area that will be enhanced by the 1-1/4 inch cylinders.

For Men
Nipple pumping is for men, too! In addition to sensitization and the sexual intrigue of enlarged, hardened nipples, men often turn to nipple pumping to facilitate nipple piercing. Our 1/2 inch nipple cylinders are appropriate for most men who are new to nipple pumping. For those who use nipple pumping regularly, a 5/8 inch or even 3/4 inch cylinder may become desirable as your nipples grow.

Moving Up
Our customers commonly start with a small cylinder size, and gradually move up through the sizes as they see results and seek more growth. It's easy to move up or down a size, since our cylinders are sold separately as well as in a complete kit. You may even find that experimenting with a variety of sizes is an enjoyable part of the nipple pumping experience!

Easy clean up with warm soapy water and a clear rinse, allow to fully dry after widing with a clean towel.

NEVER use alcohol on these! They are made of a high quality acrylic and they will immediately crack as a result of a chemical reaction with the alcohol!

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