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White & Tan Ultimate Sensory Deprivation Hood

Item #: 580-3015
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Quick Overview

The White & Tan Ultimate Sensory Deprivation Hood combines the ultimate sensory deprivation hood design with an amazing white and tan leather institutional medical restraint theme. Fits neck from 11.5 to 18.5 inches in inner circumference. A favorite among serious medical and institutional restraint lovers!

The White & Tan Ultimate Sensory Deprivation Hood combines the ultimate sensory deprivation hood design with an amazing white and tan leather institutional medical restraint theme.

It completely blocks out all light, eliminates most ambient sound, and surrounds the wears head in a padded leather sensory deprivation cocoon. The hood's construction is of the finest materials available including tan heavy bridle leather straps which secure the head to your desired level of restriction with lockable buckles. Its body is made of soft white garment leather, and breathing is easy and comfortable thanks to its oversized breathing grommet.

This is truly the Ultimate Sensory Deprivation Hood. It will not only deliver endless mind blowing sensory deprivation adventures; it will most likely outlast its wearer! 


  • The Ultimate in sensory deprivation hoods
  • Padded ear pieces to maximize isolation from sounds 
  • Lockable roller buckles on the collar and heavy duty restraint belts
  • Extra large breathing grommet
  • Amazing for long term isolation scenes
  • A deviously delicious combination of tan heavy leather straps and white garment leather
  • Great for creating instant submission and for allowing exploration of inner the world of  "subspace"
  • Locks not included

Ultimate Sensory Deprivation Hood Construction:


  • Tan Heavy Leather Belts
  • Soft White Garment Leather Body
  • Padded Eyes, Mouth and Ears
  • Restraint Belts all featuring Locking Buckles
  • One belt tightens over the eyes
  • Another belt tightens under the chin restricting the mouth
  • The third belt is a locking collar
  • The large oversized grommet allows for easy and comfortable breathing, even in long term sessions.
  • The back of the hood features a corset style lacing system to allow for maximum flexibility in both sizing and restriction.
  • This hood features a truly amazing experience, quality construction, performance, comfort and will last a lifetime of heavy use. 




What it's like to experience the Ultimate Sensory Deprivation Hood?

You can't help but feel unbelievably submissive as this hood is pulled down over your head. Your nostrils fill with the aroma of the luxuriously soft glove leather that surrounds you.

Then as the corset style lacing on the back of the hood is tightened, reality starts to kick in as you grow more aware of the amazing comfort yet secure hold this hood offers. Then, a little tinge of fear pulses through your veins, as your excitement continues to build feeling the lockable collar strap being pulled and buckled into place.

Now, that you are helplessly encased in your hood, you realize just how quiet things are, because the padded ear pieces are effectively controlling and muffling sounds from the outside world. With external sounds and sight being completely blocked, soon  you sink further into that place where you forget the pressures of the world, and just give into that beloved place, known as‚ "sub-space."

This journey continues... as you feel the chin strap being secured into place, followed by the tightening of the strap over your padded eyes. For those who love the effects of sensory deprivation, our Ultimate Sensory Deprivation Hood is pure bondage bliss.

It's here for you, if you are ready to push your limits... this hood is a must!


Simply condition your Ultimate Sensory Deprivation Hood with "Mink Oil" or a similar leather conditioner once a year.

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